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Plats för rubrik

Has it happened for real? Maybe not. But it might be true anyway.
– This is like a carnival of humanity on stage. Jonas tells a story about Sweden, but a different part of Sweden, says director Thomas Sundstrom.
Make sure you are secured when the curtain goes up on this unlikely story of Killer-Anders (and his friends).

Länsteatern on Gotland has the exclusive rights to turn Jonas Jonasson’s book in to a play. How it all came around is a slightly improbable story in itself:
– Jonas and I met in a strange way at a social gathering at the governor and talked a little tentatively about doing something together, says Thomas.
Said and done, Jonasson sent the manuscript, Sundstrom saw a great story, wrote a script – but realized that the theatre could not afford to buy the rights.
Jonasson generously took care of that matter.
– He wanted to help us, it’s a big thing for us. The show will be very funny, like a road movie at the theatre, says Sundström.

Närproducerad underhållning roar

Roland Olsson likes to entertain – and to worry a bit.
And to raise a question or two.
– When people leave the theatre I hope they are happy and have something to talk about on the way home. Ideally, something to think about the day after, too, he says.

Last year’s “Kärrlek and Kirrimoja” had a large audience. Seems like this years show “Vattnet har gått” will draw a good crowd also. Ticket sales are good.
Entertainment, yes, but Gotlandsrevyns Roland Olsson also want to stir things up a little
– Well, there must be a deeper meaning with everything we do on stage. Not just nonsense and fun. It is easy to find a local touch but there must be a background story, the average man in the street must know what we’re talking about on the stage.

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