About Kulturens Ö

Destination Gotland has a long partnership with the cultural community of Gotland, the website Kulturens Ö allows the company to easier point to an obvious gathering place for its partners. The website is aiming to attract more people to go to Gotland for culture’s sake.

Dag Franzen, Gotland music director had an idea and sent a letter to the shipping company Destination Gotlands Marketing and sales director Johan Lindvall. A few months later the website was launched – a hub for the island’s culture community in order to create travel reasons.

Travel reasons? Well, a reason to travel can be a concert, a play, a vernissage or a walk around the city wall.
The website is a collaboration of the culture community on Gotland, big and small events. Destination Gotland want to create new and more travel reasons to Gotland. The company also plans to offer attractive packages to increase the number of visitors year round.

The website has a calendar where visitors can find an event that can be linked with ferry and accommodation. Kulturens Ö is a commercial platform that goes far beyond the island’s borders. It will help cultural workers to reach out with their events and to coordinate by adding their events to the calendar.

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