A concert can start on the ferry

Gotland is for many hot summer and sun, dazzling beaches and culinary tours.
Do not miss the cultural smorgasbord.
– I think Gotland has the richest cultural production in the country, per capita. There are so many cultural activities going on here, says Dag Franzén, Director of Gotlandsmusiken.

Call this website a window, a hub or culture handrail – Kulturens Ö is aiming to help travellers as well as the audience and organizers to find each other.
It´s a calendar full of dance, art, theatre, music.
Kulturens Ö reinforces the Gotland-trademark as a strong local cultural community.
– I see great opportunities with this site, it will show what´s going on here. Gotland has the highest cultural consumption per capita in Sweden, says Franzén.
The idea originates from the concert series of Gotlandsmusiken and their annual program. When Dag Franzén contacted Johan Lindvall, Marketing and Sales Director at Destination Gotland, they saw a digital toolbox and a joint interest.
– Gotlandsmusiken have a major production each year that I’m sure would interest people from the mainland and from abroad. But we do not reach across the Baltic Sea with our schedule. It is a bit difficult for us to reach a larger market, says Franzén.

But now Kulturens Ö can tie the audience with the event.
– We see this as a great opportunity to create a homepage easy to navigate for all who are interested in culture. Everybody is a winner, says Franzén.
Another upside is that the page will create a sort of cultural internal check.
– Quite often many events take place on the same day, which means that none of them will get a big audience, he says.
In the best of worlds the organizer himself will update the calendar.
– I believe that if many within our network start using this tool, others will follow, says Dag Franzén.

What expectations do you have on the site Kulturens Ö?
– That it can be a lively part of our culture community. I also hope that Destination Gotland can use the site in ways that they with their different packages can create reason for coming here.
Apart from width, what are the strengths of the cultural life of Gotland?
– The diversity! There is something for every taste. Concerts with choirs, orchestras, rock bands, singer- songwriters. And the quality, we have many young Swedish stars who grew up on the island. As a young musician here you can trial and error, test your talent and then take the step across the Baltic.

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Locally crafted culture grows

Culture has a natural place in building the trademark of Gotland and the islands cultural strategist Catrine Wikström likes the content.

A concert can start on the ferry

Gotlandsmusiken are conducting several major productions each year that are of interest far beyond the island's coastline.

Everyone is a winner at Kulturens Ö

There are 92 churches and a thousand reasons to go to Gotland. Johan Lindvall from Destination Gotland wants to build a culture handrail.

Dag Franzén

Age: 60 years
Family: Six children, wife.
Profession: Director Gotlandsmusiken