Everyone is a winner at Kulturens Ö

Hand in hand with the culture community the shipping company Destination Gotland want to inspire visitors to come to Gotland all year round.
The website Kulturens Ö can be a boost.
– I hope we together can create a platform for everybody involved. The more people who visit Gotland will hopefully create more visitors for the culture community, says Johan Lindvall, Marketing and Sales Director at Destination Gotland.

A Tuesday in October may not be the hottest day of the year to visit a cultural event, but the website Kulturens Ö may change that.
– I hope this can attract more people to go to Gotland throughout the year. Our purpose with the site is commercial; but with the help of the culture community we want to create reasons to travel to Gotland, says Lindvall.
Is culture an underrated reason for travelling?
– I think people always have had cultural reasons to come to Gotland, by exhibit a wide range of culture at this website we want to make it easier to make the decision to make a reservation.
Who will benefit from the website Kulturens Ö?
– Cultural events will benefit and visitors will gain from it. We as a company will hopefully gain from it. I hope that we together can create a platform that everybody from the cultural community wants to be a part of. I see only winners, the more people who travel here, the more visitors to the events.

Destination Gotland will promote the website in their newsletters (around 250 000 subscribers), its website and purchased advertising.
– We will use all our existing channels to highlight culture as a reason to come to Gotland, says Lindvall.
Do you think the culture community will talk about this website in their channels?
– I hope Kulturens Ö can become a kind of viral platform, but we need to create platforms for each event.
The website can be a calendar also for the Gotland residents, who do not need to travel very far to their cultural experience.
- If you are involved with any kind of cultural activity you should be part of this. It’s free marketing – visitors get an overview of activities that are reasons to come here, says Johan Lindvall.

He hopes that the website can create opportunities to connect an event with a ferryride to Gotland.
– We will do everything we can and add resources to the site. It is incredibly important that everyone helps out to makes the best of this, says Lindvall.

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Everyone is a winner at Kulturens Ö

There are 92 churches and a thousand reasons to go to Gotland. Johan Lindvall from Destination Gotland wants to build a culture handrail.

Johan Lindvall

Marketing and Sales Director at Destination Gotland.